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Collection of Animation and Video Work at 4Site Studios

Video, design, and animation content for social media marketing

Collection of Animation and Video Work at 4Site Studios

About Project

At 4Site, I created compelling, animated, interactive content. I am proud to be responsible for the sharp elevation in design and motion content over the last couple years. My design and motion capabilities, combined with 4Site’s development chops, resulted in feature content that pulls audiences up the ladder of engagement. The following video reel was made by me and features my animation and graphic work at 4Site Studios, along with the live-action video work shot by 4Site’s President and Videographer, Heming Nelson.

To see more 4Site’s web development and video work (and my work at 4site), check out the website at www.4sitestudios.com

See below for a few full length animations that I created at 4Site.


Plastics Don’t Belong in the Ocean

We’re so excited to share with you the results of more than a year’s worth of research about how we can stop plastics from entering the ocean! Today, we’re releasing the results of a brand new study. We’ve found that if we focus on waste management in just five key countries, we could reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean by 45 percent worldwide!


My Part
Designed and Animated the Reel - Created Brand Design that Reel (and site) is Based On with our Designer - Art Directed - Designed and Illustrated - Animated all Motion Graphic Content
Client Site
4Site Studios
Animation & Video, Graphic Design & Branding, Social Media & Google Adwords