Meet Teighe


Who Teighe Is:
My name is Teighe (sounds like “teeg”) and I'm your friendly, neighborhood visual media expert. I sport a variety of visual media superpowers under my cape that range from design to strategy. I've worked as a professor of graphic design, an award winning filmmaker, and have created viral media content.

Currently, I'm a motion graphic artist and animator at 4Site Interactive Studios, occasionally teach animation and graphic design and, during my down time, am also working on a webseries that questions the effects of the subconscious on human behavior. I love new media, comics, and people who do nice things for others when they don't have to. I also adore just about anything scored by Danny Elfman, written by Warren Ellis, or directed by Joss Whedon. Oh, and my favorite number is nine. That's pretty much me, in a nut shell!

How I Approach Creating Media:
As W. B. Yeats once said, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." On the surface, I'm driven to create compelling, engaging, and strategic online marketing content. Ultimately, though, I desire to educate people in a way that sparks an interest in them to take action, to self-learn.

I aim to encourage people to think, research, and develop grounded opinions, whether I accomplish that through satire or seriousness, whether the subject is seemingly superfluous or intrinsically impactful. We live in an age where information is, quite literally, at our fingertips and so I want to encourage my audience to develop and utilize their critical thinking skills. I hope that my work does just that, and I continue to pursue new ways of sparking that fire in others.

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