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Who Teighe Is:
My name is Teighe (sounds like “teeg”) and I'm your friendly, neighborhood online creative strategist and digital media producer. I've worked as a professor of graphic design, an award winning filmmaker, and have created viral media content. I spend my days as a motion graphics artists and animator at 4Site Interactive Studios, where I direct the scope of design for all animated content, develop viral marketing strategies, shoot and edit live action videos videos with all the best new gadgets, and support the web development team by creating graphic design content for the web. By night, I'm working on a webseries that questions the effects of the subconscious on human behavior, which aims to encourage people to think, research, and develop grounded opinions, by understanding how the subconscious mind influences conscious choice. Occasionally, you might find me teaching animation and graphic design at American University or talking about viral marketing at an animator's round-table. I love new media, comics, and people who do nice things for others when they don't have to. I also adore just about anything scored by Danny Elfman, written by Warren Ellis, or directed by Joss Whedon. Oh, and my favorite number is nine. That's pretty much me, in a nut shell!

Professionally, I'm driven to create compelling, engaging, and strategic online marketing content. Personally, my desire is to develop a stronger connection to self and to others by understanding how the mind works.

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