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Who Teighe Is:
My name is Teighe (sounds like “teeg”) and I'm your friendly, neighborhood visual media expert. I sport a variety of visual media superpowers under my cape that range from motion graphics, to graphic design, to film-making.

I've created everything from short-form docu-style animated videos for web to highly stylized fiction film pieces, from concept to completion. I've also got added skills in location sound recording, cinematography (I use a 7D for my personal rig, but have also shot in video and film), lighting, editing, motion graphics, graphic design, and media management. I'm an "ideas" gal who also has the skills to turn those ideas into reality.

Currently, I work as a motion graphic artist and animator at 4Site Interactive Studios, occasionally teach animation and, during my down time, am also working on a webseries that questions the effects of the subconscious on human behavior. I love new media, comics, and people who do nice things for others when they don't have to. I also adore just about anything scored by Danny Elfman, written by Warren Ellis, or directed by Joss Whedon. Oh, and my favorite number is nine. That's pretty much me, in a nut shell!

How I Approach Creating Media:
As W. B. Yeats once said, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." On the surface, my desire is to be a hit online visual media content creator, overflowing with compelling, online eye candy to the delight of fellow web, video, and graphics enthusiasts. However, my underlying desire is to educate people in a way that sparks an interest in them to self-learn.

I want my work to motivate people to further their understanding, regardless of the topic I am addressing. I aim to encourage people to think, research, and develop grounded opinions, whether I accomplish that through satire or seriousness, whether the subject is seemingly superfluous or intrinsically impactful. We live in an age where information is, quite literally, at our fingertips and so I want to motivate people to utilize their critical thinking skills. I hope that my work does just that, and I continue to pursue new ways of sparking that fire in others. Smarts may be inherent, but intelligence takes effort.

Not directly related to media (though, I'll get to this), I also study the duality of mind. This means that where there is joy, there is sadness. Where there is courage, there is fear. In order to process our experiences we must compare them against that which is opposite. Simply put, to know the positive, we must also know the negative. For example, when we discover that having courage is not conquering fear, but finding the courage that our fears are being compared against, we can pull the opposing courage from that state and effectively use our fear as a catalyst for incredible forward motion. These sates can become tools if we learn to reconcile our dualities.

So, how does this relate to media? Well, an understanding of duality can lead to extraordinarily effective communication. A simple explanation is that if we only communicate the positive or the negative of an issue without thought to it's opposing concepts, we leave the audience to compare against their own understanding or experience of the opposing duality. This can be useful if we are trying to quickly communicate an idea, by opposing or supporting opposite something the majority will likely have a shared supporting or opposing experience with already (know thy audience!). We can then allow them to compare on their own terms because we already know what they'll be comparing against. When it comes to more complex concepts, we know that we will have to structure our idea to introduce a duality that our audience can use as a tool to compare with the original point. In short, to effectively communicate ideas, we have to understand how we understand.
If you'd like to hear more about how this works, please send me a note!

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You can also reach me at teighe@teighe.com

Name: Teighe Armour Thorsen
Address: Washington, DC and New York, NY